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    March 22, 2013
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coach tonight. he surrendered to at 11:00 this morning and has been charged with committing sued loourd acts on a child and invasion of privacy. investigators say charges there may be more. >> a group representing african american police officers come out against tasers they're taking this stance as the police commission gets ready to vote on a controversial issue. >> we're live with the story you'll see on abc 7 news. vic? >> this is a letter from the group. they say they're against tasers because they're afraid they'll be used on certain classes of people. a drug abusers, mentally disabled and minorities. >> an overwhelming number of
them come from our community. they're arrested it seems to be a majority rate in san francisco. >> every time there is a high profile officer involved shooting the taser rears it's head again. the latest debate triggered last year, officers shot and killed after he assaulted a co-worker on the embarcadero. the chief told the police commission then he believes tasers could save skplifs to start with, he wanted to arm certain officers with tasers. asking officers there are 74 of them now. >> the public information officer said it would be a way to test. >> we're saving lives it can be proven as a viable tool for officers to use. >> the police commission held public hearings and response to the chief request. it may vote next month. so, this letter from the
officers for justice is timely. a leading opponent with a coalition on homelessness is excited to have a police group supporting her opposition. >> they can be lethal. we've had 173 deaths and a lot of lawsuits for excessive force. >> the police officer association position is contemporary to the one officers has taken. the president told abc 7 news that we support the position on the use of laysers. -- tasers. tasers can save lives. >> now, i've spoken to several members of the officers for justice and they tell me this position was no means unanimous and many members of the group support tasers. the mayor's aides say he just returned from paris but they
did text me saying the mayor supports assessments of a chief and men and women of the san francisco police department on this matter. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and thank you. >> on the other side of the bay more than three dozen police officers sworn in oakland. and it marks a beginning for that department. he spoke with abc 7 news nick smith about changes. >> neighborhood policing goes hand in hand with our ability or desire to get into comply yens with an agreement. >> i sat down with the police chief to justice his crime reduction strategy. he says major hurdle is building trust with the community. >> but it comes down to us being able to be more transparent. >> that will start with plans to divide the city into five to six districts. the chief has been working to
promote the idea of community involvement through town hall meetings where citizens have had an opportunity to sound off to the man at the top. >> well one nice thing about this process is that it brings a community into the police department. >> and starting today the department will look like the community it sefshz. it department sworn in 38 new police officers, raising the count to 649. the men and women of the 166 ples academy are the first of three this year. the group is young, and diverse. >> they get to wear the uniform and become part of the family. and go out there to protect citizens of oakland. >> officer lowe, a third generation oaklander and michael ranson aware of the need to have officer who's live in and reflect a community they serve.
>> very proud to represent the diversity in oakland. >> i want to be in the best position to help those that need it. oakland is the place that is glad to have me. >> recruiting continues. a new class of 55 recruits starts next week. the goal? graduate a new class every six months. nick smith abc 7 news. >> police are investigating a possible attempted abduction at a school in san leeand dro. a second grade student says someone grabbed him and put his hands over his mouth after he left the rest room. he was able to get free until a teacher. parents only found out about this last night from a phone message. this is something they're not happy about it. >> there was detail but it
didn't give enough information. i'm a concerned parent. >> when there are kids involved have you to assume the worst and think danger when there is no danger around. so that you're -- you're prepare ootd school is holding a meeting to give parents more information about exactly what happened. >> traffic is flowing smoothly coming into san francisco. that is certainly not the case this morning when a rock slide blocked traffic and fell on cars as well. and a crew captured it, take a look. >> in fact a lot of rock is falling on to the freeway. we've been told to move. >> cornell bernard is live during our morning news. this happened in sausalito. abc 7 news has the story.
>> a rock slide crashed down on highway this is about 3:45 this morning. worst this mercedes-benz suv. the driver taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they says she came out and saw the large rock. >> they're substantial. i just nipped one. my tires are strong. but that is pretty substantial. >> so that is a sizeable chunk of rock. >> crews, a contractor and chp happened to be working on a project from the opposite side of the freeway. hills kept slipping. our crew was on the air.
>> there is rock falling onto the freeway freeway. we've been told to move out of the area. >> two right lanes were closed for three hours. the two left remained open. the hillside is caltrans jurisdiction. district spokesperson says the rock slope has been stable for decades but duz z have a history of slide autos last big incident in that area and right up there is 82 and 82. there are classive slides in the area. the roadway was closed for several day autos we wanted to check on future plans for securing the hillside but neither caltrans nor the supervisor returned our calls. in sausalito abc 7 news. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00 finding the right job.
a service claiming to stream line the process for job seekers and companies looking to hire. >> also, a 5-year-old boy awaiting a brother who has the gift that could save his life. >> i'm sandhya patel. a weekend made for outdoors. >> a family plans a cruise to celebrate a home coming from afghanistan but a snag leaves him on shore. i'm michael finney.
happening now at san francisco international airport a pointant first meeting between a 5-year-old boy and his old brother that could save his life. little collin mcfadden was born in vietnam then adopted by a carson city, nevada family and he needs a bone marrow transplant. we're live at san francisco international airport for us. leanne? >> well it's a great story. collin mcfadden's brother arrived from vietnam. collin needs a bone marrow transplant. let's not waste anymore time and show you the moment when the two brothers first saw each other. little collin has not seen his brother in several years. collin was adopted when he was 14 months old and brought to nevada. the mother, you can see approaches the 27-year-old to hug him and thank him. now, through an interpreter
the 27-year-old says this is what he wanted to do. >> he said is able to come. >> giving collin one chance for a normal life. and can't thank him enough. i don't know how you thank someone for that. really lucky and grateful. >> now a year and a half ago collin mcfadden was diagnosed with aplastic aneema, his parents reached out to collin's brother, again 27-year-old talun who lives in vietnam. now, collin like i said before was akopt dod -- adopted when he was only 18 months old. 14 months old. since then the family has stayed in touch with the birth
parents. now, just to wrap things up, it took months to sort out the paper work to get the 27-year-old here. the bone marrow transplant will be performed on april 18th. >> leanne, thank you. powerful story. donating marrow is rarely intrusive as it used to be. most done with what is called pbsc. this is very similar to giving blood. >> you know there are sites to match people for dates so why not applicants with jobs? the process is scientific. how it works. >> it's a universal complaint among job seekers. >> i put out five, or six
resumes per week. >> do you ever hear back? >> most of the time, i do not. >> this era of applying online created a climate of frustration for applicants and many resumes. >> applicants are going online, check boxing jobs and just applying to thousands of jobs. >> steve goodman believes he has a solution. the site developed an algorhythm that evaluates resume and produces a score used to identity candidates to interview. >> over two and a half resumes. 75,000 man hours in development. took us a year and a half to get there. >> it indicates the more people that use this service, more accurate it will be in terms of predicting success between applicants and the company. there is no cost to job seekers. employers pay. this graphic design jer using
6:16pm she was taken aback when asked for her graduation year and level of education. >> they discrime nate on your age. >> the ceo says applicants never need to worry it only looks at the meat of the res mai. you never have to worry about human bodies. >> a company brighten have strengths and weaknesses. >> a tech position in the bay area will score well and will find great candidates. for other industries such as agriculture won't be as well. we zront a ton of the jobs on our site. >> bright might be taking a search out of job search. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we've got sandhya patel. >> any outdoor plans this weekend, let me show you right now this is a sign of what is
you still to come. no moisture in the form of clouds. we do have a wind advisory that is running and will be expiring. that is where we've been. oakland gusts to 26. so it's breezy out there. you look back towards the golden gate bridge and it's beautiful and sunny. 58 in san francisco. san carlos, 63. oakland it's 62 degrees in half moon bay. highs from low 50s to low 70s. you can see this weekend great-looking weather, upper 40s to low 50s. napa now 64 degrees. here is a look at what is coming up. tonight it's going to be
skpleer cool. overnight tonight, sunny, mild for the weekend. rain chances pushing back now. so we're hoping for tuesday. now pushing back to thursday. we're going to keep the pattern dry. so 7:00 tonight notice clear skies and then, heading into tomorrow a few high thin clouds just move through the bay area, tomorrow morning it will be cool inland where temperatures dip down mid to upper 30s. temperatures across the rest of the bay area into low to mid-40s. in santa cruz 68 degrees. 69 in milpitas. peninsula, 66 menlo park. 67 palo alto comfortable
weather in millbrae. you're coming up about two degrees from highs. 62 degrees in downtown san francisco. and temperatures in the 60s, clear lake, 67 degrees. 55 bodega bay. east bay, temperatures mid to upper 60s range so not too hot, not too cold. this is where you'll find mildest temperatures. 71 walnut creek. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. and it's going to be on the breezy side to. upper 50s to low 70s. little cooler early next week. slight chance of showers wednesday but it doesn't look like a real possibility until thursday. >> okay. >> thank you. >> just ahead here the debut
of the all new black berry. >> does it have enough to grab
right now police just daysed a man inside of a cvs farmly. officers say the man went in with a life and ordered everyone out, he opened a bottle of liquor and refused to leave. the suspect is now on his way to jail. cvs should reopen, soon. >> remember black berry? it used to make everybody's must have cell phone list? there is a new smart phone out. the buzz is pretty g starting fris pris pris with a contract is just under 200s wind advisories no contract it's $599. price is not the bottom line for all smart phone buyers. you want to know how it measures up?
abc 7 news reports it may be facing an uphill battle. >> university alumni director is hiding something not so stylish. >> i have a black berry. it's a little bit embarrassing. >> wrapped in a final months of a contract he's watched friends trade up to newest phone autos they usually ask you know why do you stril a black berry? >> the smart phone that started it all now accounts for just 2% of the market. the ceo of black berry is determined to change that. >> we've got to get better what. we did is building the platform. >> the x 10 looks like it's competitors and view autos i like it. i think black berry has done a good job they've done a nice
job with the camera. >> there is a store of new apps because who wants a known without angry birds. >> is it enough? so-to-save the money? >> they're just trying to prove they're not dead. >> close something. >> not dead yet. >> there is no shortage of former user autos old black berry won't work at my old house this, does. >> what would it take to win you back? >> i don't know if that is possible saying it's unlikely users that left will come back. >> i don't think they're going to get someone who likes they're phone to switch over. >> but it could be the start of a slow turn around some won't stick around to see. >> what will black berry have
to do? >> they'd have to merge with apple. >> not what black berry wanted to hear. >> no. >> still to come at 6:00 san francisco ash bishop on the supreme court hearing on gay marriage. >> then, all of a sudden shot my baby in the face. >> a mother watches. her 13-month-old son is shot and killed during a hold up. coming up next the teenagers arrested for this despicable crime. >> the search for a small dog stolen from owners while riding bart. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues right after this. right that's ar problem...
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line forming outside of the u.s. supreme court ahead of the hearing on same-sex marriage. bem began camping out yesterday hoping to get a seat to watch the proceedings. the supreme court takes up the debate over same-sex marriage. a big part of it will be centered on children. >> what is best for children
has been a central theme for a leading opponent of gay marriage. >> he says marriage has always been between a man and woman. and to go against that would be bad for children. >> saying it's not as good for children. >> only a man and woman can unite body that's it can produce new life he said it's just common sense a man and woman would provide a better environment than two mothers or two fathers. i asked if he would oppose gay couple that's want to have had children. >> not saying it should be illegal that have but we should not enshrine in the law of principle a child does not deserve a mother and a father. >> this week the leading group of pediatricians saying there is no evidence that sexual
orientation of parents has impact on the child. >> in spite of the fact they face challenges in schools and prejudices from the world those children are still turning out just equally well adjusted and happy, equally successful in school, in life. >> he disagrees saying if high court does legalize gay marriage his fear is that it will end the institution of marriage. >> i fear people will not be interested in marrying anymore. marriage will be irrelevant vent he added the church will suffer. >> if what we're teaching is bigotry and discrimination we're not going to be allowed to do that. >> believing if church teachings are backward it will impact the church-run schools, hopts and service agencies. >> if we want to know how
people will be treat swred to think about how a racial bigot is treated in a country today. >> the archbishop admits being a visible opponent to same-sex marriage is difficult but he does not believe in polls show a majority now support the idea. dan? >> okay. thank you very much. >> and abc 7 news is traveling to washington, d.c. and will be sitting in court when the highest decides on proposition 8. the live reports from washington begin next tuesday here on abc 7. >> police in georgia have arrested two teenagers they believe shot and killed a baby boy in a stroller. the mother showed where a bullet grazed her ear during a robbery yesterday. sheri west tried to tell the robbers she had no cash but he
opened fire on her and her 13-year-old son antonio. >> what they did to my baby... was terrible. what though did to my baby. i thought the gun was fake you know? i didn't think the gun was real. >> the suspects are 14 and 17. police have not revealed which is suspected of pulling the trigger. the 17-year-old is considered an adult under georgia law. the murder weapon has not been found. >> tests underway to see if a -- the suspect in the colorado murder died yesterday in a shootout with police and took place near where a deputy district attorney was killed in january. the governor reveals he happened to be close friends with the father of the suspected shooter. >> there is still no sign tonight of a small girl stol
stole -- dog stolen from her owner. the dog is a certified, and someone snatched the dog away. bart police are reviewing surveillance footage hoping it will catch whoever walked off with the little dog. >> still to come a family's cruise line nightmare. >> just ruined. nobody can really enjoy them receives. >> coming up a wife's grand plan to celebrate her plan to celebrate her husband's return fromys of walkg
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carnival cruise ship says they've accumulated tough waters lately. >> one woman says her cruise was ruined before she got on the ship. >> this cruise was supposed to reunite an army serviceman and his family when returning from
duty in afghanistan. instead the ship sailed away with the most important person. left stranded on shore. linda lee was overjoyed and rebelieved her husband returned home safely from combat in afghanistan. >> it was good not to worry nismt. >> her husband, lee wang missed his son's second year of life. >> we're going to celebrate him coming back from afghanistan. >> she booked a cruise to mexico for 11 family members. a chance to spend time with lee before he would ship out again. >> we like cruising. it's convenient. >> everyone ready to board the ship, then... disaster. >> they couldn't find the reservation. and they say they don't know what happened. >> all reservations were there. lee's parents could not get on board.
>> what are we going to do? my in laws don't speak english. they don't drive. >> she couldn't leave her in laws stranded in long beach but there were no rooms available. >> i told them to go. i gave up my room to my in laws. >> lind yark lee and her son watched. the ship sailed without them. she says the point was left standing on shore. >> just ruined. i mean nobody could enjoy themselves because we weren't there. >> the luggage sailed off with the ship. >> i had nothing but clothes on my back. >> they waited seven days in los angeles for the ship to return. trying to make the most of lee's brief time home. >> he was going to take his son on the ship. >> linda says she found out carnival cancel that had reservation when carnival was correcting the spelling of her mother-in-law's middle name.
linda paid for the room and wanted her money back. >> they said it's coming in the mail. i didn't get i no. >> she contacted 7 on your side. and after we contacted carnival, linda did get her money back. $1759 for the cancelled cruise, plusuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
>> day two producing more upsets than many of us could handle. if you had wisconsin as a loss your bracket is toast.
roorks good evening, tigers in pacific gave a real gift just making ncaa tournament. then matched up with two seed miami today. outcome never really in doubt. the coach returning after 25 years guiding tigers in stockton. miami just too talented. shane larkin, how do you like neon sneakers? up 21 at the break. miami moving on 78-49. major upset here. explorers led by 18 at the half. 30 seconds left, foul on the
rebound and wright sinks them both. kansas state, for the tie that is way off. la salle pulls off the upset. rebels up, three. marshal henderson from downtown. then with a minute left nick williams to henderson. people had badgers as final four sleepers goodbye, ole miss meeting la salle next. tomorrow night cal looks to move onto the sweet 16 but they will have to beat syracuse in order to get there. the bears love respect that would come back with a win. >> it's a great opportunity to put ourselves on that national
scale with teams like kansas, north carolina and duke. >> i feel like we're in the tournament for a reason and knew we're going to play teams like this. >> sabre cats begin with a new quarterback because mark green retired. abc 7's mike shumann introduces us to the new man under sent year garcia going deep. touchdown. >> aaron garcia replacing a sabre cat legend. >> it's going to be tough to fill those shoes here. this is something they've built here, together now i'm coming in here trying to bring you know my own personality to this game. >> this native played for 18 and goes for over 52,000 yards. 1125 touchdowns and was mvp in
2011 winning it all with jacksonville. >> he's going down as one best to play. a hall of famer. he's throwing more touchdowns than anyone in football. so just excited to have him here. >> this offensive player of the year in 2001 and 2011. >> there is more pressure here. but that is a good thing. especially at my age you know? you're looking for new challenges and things to motivate you. that is what we're going to give them. >> mike shumann abc 7 sports. >> this sports report brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> thank you very much. >> yes. >> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, no carry ons no, waiting one new board prog ses why some say passengers are getting a raw deal. >> then at 11:00 how a billionaire and his yacht became involved in a hawaii
yil fuel spill. >> tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 it's last man standing followed by malibu country, shark tank then it's 2020 at 10:00. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. connect any time you wish on abc 7 >> good night for now, everyone.
this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an associate program manager from arlington, virginia... a substitute teacher from temecula, california... and our returning champion, a lawyer from chicago, illinois... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, johnny. thank you. hi, folks. welcome to our show. what a week this has been. what a rare mood i'm in. why, it's almost like being nded by champions who keep earning more than $20,000. steve -- a case in point.
rachel and mary jo, welcome aboard. you look eager to play. so, let's do it. und. the jeopardy! round. you look eager to play. so, let's do it. and here come the categories. a-c-t in each correct response. alex: steve, start. rachel. what is sea level? correct. track & field for $200, please. rachel. what is the triple jump? correct. track & field for $400.
rachel again. what is shot put? good. track & field for $600. rachel. what are the hurdles? good. track & field for $800. steve. what are javelin and discus? correct. let's try "act" local, $200. rachel. what is an action figure? correct. track & field for $1,000, please. who is jackie joyner-kersee? you got her. characters on trial for $200, please. . you got her. mary jo. who is the artful dodger? yes.